• dwi septi nuraini
  • Ana Yuliati
Keywords: Anecdote, humor, gusdur


This research was conducted on the basis of the author desire to knew the anecdotecontents themed anecdote in the collection of Gus Dur's humor. The research problems were. 1) What was the structure of the anecdotal text contained in the Collection of Gus Dur’s Humor? 2) What were the characteristics of Gus Dur's humorcollection?. The purposes of this research were 1) To found out the text structure of anecdotes in the collection of Gus Dur's humor, 2) To found out the characteristics contained in the collection of Gus Dur's humor. The method used was qualitative descriptive method. The research technique consisted of data acquisition techniques in the form of documentation, and data processing techniques by read a collection of anecdotal texts contained in the research object, selected anecdotel texts, analyzed the structure of anecdote texts, analyzed the linguistic features in collection of Gus Dur's humor, and concluded them. The population in this research was all anecdote texts contained in the collection of Gus Dur's humor there were 48 anecdote text titles. Samples obtained in formula 1 found 39 data structures, 35 data orientation structures, 34 data crises, 26 data reactions, and 25 data codes. From the results of these data, the anecdote structure in the collection of humor only emphasized abstracts and crises. Whereas, formulation 2 found the involvement of 29 data participants, there were 21 humorous elements, there were 30 data allusions, there were 35 data conjunctions.


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nuraini, dwi septi, & Yuliati, A. (2019). ANEKDOT DALAM KUMPULAN HUMOR GUS DUR. Jurnal Sastra Aksara, 7(1), 72-81.
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