All things are summarized in the literature can not be separated from the various problems that people experience both individually and collectively. Respond to and deal with the problems that humans will make an effort or struggle determine a better future based on imagination, feeling, and intuition. Madurese communities have diverse traditions and cultures are well known in the in Indonesia, even abroad. In the short story collection of Mahwi Air Tawar work tells of a tradition Madurese among other races show cow that became the benchmark price of a person, if offended Madurese will declare carok which is betting esteem. The tradition still exists today.

This research will be done with descriptive method by providing exposure results found in this study. Research to be conducted is a qualitative research manifold, in total utilizing ways of interpretation by presenting it in the form of description, give attention to the data naturally, the data in relation to the context of its existence.

Results of this study are mimetic criticism against (1) bull racing traditions tend to exploit animals more than just pets but were treated like human beings, (2) carok culture and customs are regarded as justified by the Madurese community though not all consider carok as things that should be justified, (3) Ojung ritual is a tradition summon rain by doing a fight involving two men till injured. The match was a spectacle even by public, (4) Sape Sono' tradition 'makes a cow conjured up like a woman and required to walk waddle, it indicates that an animal is treated like animals.

Aug 30, 2017
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