• Ana Yuliati STKIP PGRI Bangkalan


Prose is a part of literary work, in literature is also called a fiction. Fiction is an imaginary work, offering some humans and humanity, live and life problems. The writer comprehend the problems totally which expressed through the fiction based on his thought. The writer in making literary work just to express his heart idea. If it really happens in society, just by chance, his feeling can catch the symbols. Based on the analysis, the writer is to discuss a title The Opposition to The Feodalism in novel of Gadis Pantai by Pramoedya Ananta Toer: The Theory of Sociology of Literary.

The purpose of the research is to describe kinds of opposition by aristocrat, kind of opposition done by society (lower classes) and describe the reason of the opposition to feodalism. The method used is descriptive and technic of analysis content methods which is usually used in qualitative research.

The results research are (1) the kinds of opposition done by aristocrat consist of marriage, familial relationship, life level and livehood system. (2) kinds of opposition from the lower classes (the characters of Gadis Pantai and Bujang) namely, they didn’t want the existence of limitation among aristocrats and lower classes, and bravery to uphold the rightness and the justness eventhough there was limitation among aristocrats and lower classes. (3) the reason of opposition to feudalism, because of the two factors, namely, the factor of the writer background and the story itself which showed attitude and behavior who didn’t appreciate human rights. So it caused a willing from the lower classes to defend the rights possessed by the human.

Aug 30, 2017
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