The Implementation of Project-based Learning Method in Teaching ESP (English for Specific Purposes): Case Study

  • Ferra Dian Andanty Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya
Keywords: English for Specific program, Project Based Learning Method, pre-services teacher


This study attempts to perform how Project Based Learning Method is conducted in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) program. It was implemented in ESP program for 8th semester pre-service teachers in English Language Education Department in Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya. Teaching ESP should be given both theoretically and practically and Project Based Learning method can be applied as effective way for teaching and learning process in ESP program that besides students study all the theories, they also design the task of project to apply those theories of ESP they  already studied. In ESP program, the students are assigned to make course books design for several fields of study and practice one of unit materials in front of the class. The books are designed based on the needs of target language which are gained by having interview and observing the target situation. Giving students the book project enables them to boost and stimulate their sense of creativity in creating an ESP course book. However, the teachers’ assistance is important for reducing students’ confusion in deciding practices in the course book.