Analisis Keterbacaan Buku Ajar Bahasa Jawa Kelas Iv Sekolah Dasar Di Kabupaten Madiun

  • Endang Sri Maruti Sri Maruti
Keywords: legibility of textbooks, Javanese language, class IV SD, Madiun City


Based on the observation result, the sixth graders of elementary school in Madiun City have not been able to master the material content in Javanese text book used in the class. For that, in this study analyzed the level of legibility of textbooks, especially Java language class IV SD, whether it is in accordance with the class level or not. Data were analyzed with Fry Graph and Clos technique. The result of the research shows that the Javanese textbook used in Madiun is not in accordance with the fourth grade of elementary school, because the result of the analysis is too high, that is for grades 7 and 8, it means that the textbook is suitable for junior high school level.