Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Teachers and Education Observer.
I encourage you to publish your Paper to Civic Culture journal in Indonesian or English.

Issn 2579-9924(Online)
Issn 2579-9878(Print)

Publish scheduled twice a year in February and July since 2016 and also publish special issue since 2018.

Publication for February---> Deadline submission on 15 December

Publication for July ---> Deadline submission on 20 May

Focus and scope of CIVIC CULTURE Journal are but not limited to:
✍Learning in Civics, Socio-cultural and religious education and lesson study or Action research.
✍Source/material/ learning media in Civics Education, Social Culture and Religion
✍Curriculum in Education (PPKn / Social Culture / Religion)
✍School management/management of the socio-cultural and religious environment.
✍Evaluation of Citizenship, Socio-cultural and Religious learning.
✍The profession of Teachers in Civics Education, Social Culture and Religion.

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Facilities that we provide:

🎗Translator 50.000 IDR/Page
🎗APC 250.000 IDR (including shipping costs#Indonesia only)
🎗get one copy of the Civic Culture journal printed.


Or Apply as Reviewer, We welcome you to drop your CV here or fill your profile in the link here.


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