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Buleleng Regency, Bali Province is the largest district in Bali, which is 1,365.88 Km2 (24, 25% of the total area of ​​Bali). The unemployment rate in Buleleng is increasing and until 2017 the number has reached 6,184 people. The above situation was slightly solved by an offer from the Tsukuba Livestock Business Cooperative「つくば畜産事業協同組合」engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry located in Ibaraki-Japan, to provide opportunities for native Buleleng youth to work in the cooperative.

This opportunity has been implemented since 2009 which until present (May 2018) 515 young people from Buleleng Regency have worked as Participants in Work Skills and in November 2018 there will also be written tests and interviews in Japanese by the team of the cooperative delegates. One important factor to be able to follow the practice of work skills is mastery of Japanese language and culture.

Based on the analysis of the situation, a Community Service program was proposed to provide Japanese language training to the candidates for the Youth Work Skills from Buleleng Regency outside the schedule set by the Buleleng Regency Manpower Office while waiting for the test from Japan to increase language skills and understanding over Japanese culture. In 2018 there were 56 young people from Buleleng Regency who participated in the training held at SDN 1 Wanagiri, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency after elementary school students used the room. 

Community service is carried out in a structured, leveled, and effective manner to achieve the target that the participants who take part in the training can pass the Japanese language test both written and interviewed. Responding to the results to be achieved, the team formulated a pattern of education and training in the form of theory and practice. In theory deep memorization of vocabulary, mastery of Japanese letters, and reading and hearing comprehension. For practice we use a question and answer method regarding the vocabulary or sentence that will be asked during an interview by a representative from Japan.

The outcome of this community service was that young people from Buleleng Regency would be able to master beginner-level Japanese, in order to pass the test by the recipient institution of the Tsukuba Livestock Business Cooperative as an employee of Job Skills. In addition, the participants who passed the Japanese language test also received certificates from the Buleleng Regency Manpower Office. The output of Japanese language training activities for candidates for the practice of youth work skills from Buleleng Regency was articles that would be disseminated in national seminars and articles published in accredited national journals.


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