• Ratna Yuniarti STIA Muhammadiyah Selong
Keywords: wash hands with soap, SD Assunnah Assalafiyah Suralaga


The purpose of this sosialitation is to create healthy behavior early on in elementary school students. In this program participants were given education about the importance of maintaining cleanliness of the environment and themselves. Embedding habit of maintaining cleanliness in children must be carried out continuously. Both at home and at school.

               The socialization was carried out by lecturing and demonstration methods, followed by the practice of washing hands by children. Starting from field observations, identification of problems, and implementation of activities has been going well and smoothly. The participants of the activity were grade 5 students and carried out in the classroom then continued with practice in the school yard.Some of the problems found are many children who lack attention about hand hygiene. At the school there are also facilities for washing hands such as water and soap faucets, but these facilities are underutilized by children. Children are lazy to go wash their hands. However, after being given material about the importance of maintaining hand hygiene, little by little the awareness of students had begun to grow to wash their hands with soap. In order for students to be more enthusiastic about remembering the steps of washing hands properly and correctly the tutor gives a hand washing tutorial with methods 1, 2, 3. First wash, second rub with soap, and third rinse with running water.       After these activities, children begin to wash their hands before holding bridal food. However, some are still lazy to apply. So that the attention and regular supervision are needed both from teachers and parents. 


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