Pengaruh Model Penemuan Terbimbing Terhadap Hasil Belajar Siswa Materi Luas Permukaan dan Volume Kubus

Penemuan Terbimbing

  • Novita Farida -
  • Reni Septi Astuti
  • Palupi Sri Wijayanti
Keywords: Guided Discovery, Learning Outcomes, Cube Surface Area, Cube Volume.


The purpose of this study is to obtain description of the influence of guided discovery model on student learning outcomes of surface area and cube volume. The research conducted is a classroom action research and the design used by researchers refers to the design of Kemmis and Mc's penelian. Taggart. Based on the results of research conducted in Class VIII SMP Negeri 11 Yogyakarta, learning using guided discovery method can improve students' learning outcomes on surface area and beam volume, which are: (1) orientate students to the problem, (2) organize students in learning, (3) guiding individual and group investigations, (4) presenting the results of activities and (5) evaluating student learning success.


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