Developing Project-Based Interactive E-Module In Mathematical Learning System Evaluation Courses

  • Muhammad Jamaluddin STKIP QOMARUDDIN GRESIK



Improving the quality of education was obtained by the process of learning evaluation, so the skills was required in conducting a good learning evaluation. However, the research, in fact, showed that many teachers found difficulty in carrying out assessment in the curriculum 2013. An effort that could be done to improve the skill of students as prospective teachers in conducting learning evaluation was the application of project-based learning methods to train performance. Learning methods could be developed by changing the presentation of teaching materials from the printed module into modules set in digital format or electronic module (E-module). By applying ADDIE development model, the first result obtained from validity test of project-based interactive e-module in mathematical learning system evaluation courses validated by media experts and design experts included in the category was very valid with the precentage value 85, so it could be concluded that e-module feasible to use. Some input from the instructional media expert was to note the size of a particular font and add the latest features. The input of the design of the learning expert was to improve the grammar, especially foreign terms. In addition, the calculation result showed that 81,81% of the students gave the very positive response, and 18,18% positive student response with precentage value.

Keywords: Interactive E-module, Project, Learning Evalution


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