The Critical Thinking Process Of Students Teacher In Mathematic Development

  • soffil widadah STKIP PGRI Sidoarjo
  • Siti Nuriyatin
Keywords: The Process of Critical Thinking, Mathematical Proof


Mathematical proofing process requires skill in accordance with critical thinking indicators. Effective critical thinking skills help in understanding the concept of mathematics This research aims to analyze the critical thinking process of students of mathematics education teacher candidate STKIP PGRI Sidoarjo in the mathematical proof. The analysis of critical thinking process in this research using a qualitative approach. Research subjects were four students, consisting of two male students and two female students who had the high mathematical proof capability. Teh subject to do mathematical proofing problem followed by an interview. The tests and interviews were conducted to analyze the critical thinking process of prospective teachers in mathematical evidence. The results showed that all subjects had not met the overall indicator of the critical thinking process, which was to judge a conclusion properly, to assess a specific statement, and to assess a mathematical principle in a statement.


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