Enhancement Of Learning Results Rank Number And Squared Root Materials Through Group Investigation Technique In Class Ix A Smp Negeri I Suruh

  • Sutartik Sutartik SMPN 1 Suruh
Keywords: Learning Outcomes, Rank Numbers and Root Shapes, Group lnvestigation


So far, classroom learning is still conventional without any variationlearning techniques. Teachers are still dominate learning. The Lecture becomesthe main choice of teachers in conveying learning. This case has an impact onlow understanding of concepts, resulting in low learning outcomes students. The purpose of this classroom action research is knowing the increase of learning result of rank number and squared root through Group Investigation technique  of class IXA SMP Negeri 1 Suruh Trenggalek District. The research is conducted in two cycles, namely cycle I and cycle II where each cycle starts from planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The result of research shows that through Group Investigation technique there is an increase of learning result of rank and squared root form. The improvement was an average increase of 5.36 from 79.84 in the first cycle and 85.20 in cycle II, while the 12% improvement of 76% (19 children) in cycle I and 88% (22 children) at cycle II. Based on these results, it can be concluded that the technique of Group Investigation can improve the learning result of the rank numbers and squared root of the IXA students of SMP Negeri 1 Suruh Trenggalek District.


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