Kemampuan Mahasiswa Dalam Memahami Bacaan Pada Buku Teks Matematika Berbahasa Inggris

  • Rohmah Indahwati Universitas Madura
  • Evha Nazhalatus Sa'adiyah
Keywords: Understanding Concept of Fraction, English Math Textbook


English Lectures Mathematics mostly deals with comprehension questions, grammar and vocabulary related to the field of mathematics. The goal is that students have the confidence in communicating using English as well as utilize various sources of English teaching materials. But in reality, they usually experience several problems as the medium of instruction changes from their mother tongue to another language. This phenomenon in the case of mathematics education brings the consequences faced by mathematics educators. This paper describes the understanding of mathematical concepts in English textbooks (Algebra) on the students of English Mathematics Study Course of Mathematics Education of Madura University


Keyword: Understanding Concept of Fraction, English Math Textbook


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