Analisis Kesalahan Siswa Kelas Dalam Menyelesaikan Soal Cerita Ditinjau Dari Perbedaan Gender

  • Slamet Mulyadi SDN Togubeng 2
Keywords: Error,Gender, Geometry.


Lack of understanding of the material and cannot link the problem to the mathematical model causes the mistakes made by the students while working on the essay. This study aimed to describe the type of student error in solving geometry essay of gender difference. Type of this study is descriptive qualitative research. The result of the research showed the type  mistakes of male and woman  student in solving geometry essay include : 1) fact, ie: wrote down incomplete  information from the problem, wrong in writing the unit of surface area of the beam. 2) Concept, ie: students were wrong in understanding the concept of unit, wrong in understanding the concept of the beam. 3) Principle, ie: the student is wrong in determining the final answer, the student didn’t write the conclusion at the end of the solution, wrong in using the surface beam surface formula. 4) Operation, ie:  students  made error in calculating.


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