Efektivitas Model Pembelajaran Berbasis Portofolio Pada Materi Persamaan Linear Dua Variabel Di Smp Negeri 1 Torjun

  • Zaiful Ulum STKIP PGRI Bangkalan
  • Diah Anggraini


The background of this research because the learning process of students and teacher is less effective. it caused by the learning center is the teacher itself. Students are less active in learning so that students’ responses become passive and students' results of learning are not complete. One way to solve these problems by applied the model of portofolio based learning. This research used descriptive quantitative research. The method is used observation, questionnaires and tests. The result of analysis data statistic descriptive show that, the teachers can manage portofolio based learning model which the result 3,5 in best category. Student activities during active lessons, because three categories of active in accordance with portofolio based learning model get the highest percentage compared to the three other supporting aspects that is 20,6%, 17,6%, and 28,2% are in the three categoris of active. Student response after learning is said to be effective, because the average percentage of student responses are 95%. Students’ learning completeness in the classical achieved because the percentage of the number of student reached 90%.